Martin Villiger is a composer.

Film music composer based in Switzerland.
Mainly working for Documentaries on Swiss TV, commercials and corporate sound.

Martin Villiger, composer.

The Swiss composer and pianist is known for his numerous works for TV Documentaries and commercials. He began composing at the age of 7. At the age of 17 he composed some soundtracks for his father, the film director Marc Villiger. Until the age of 21 he studied classical music while playing in pop-bands. He then studied Jazz and modern music at the „Academy of Contemporary Music“ in Zurich. Since 1998 he works for projects ranging from soundtracks to pop songs.

His music combines melancholy beauty with driving sounds. Often with an oriental touch and influences from all over the world. „There is a lot going on under the surface, but above it all there is a melody that carries you away“ Martin says about his music.